Vanguard Ventures to Waterfalls of North Carolina

I recently had the opportunity to visit The DuPont State Forrest in North Carolina after finishing up a photography workshop in Charleston SC.

Having a couple days to kill durning my drive North I decided to take a look around The North Carolina High Country.

After a quick Google search it didn’t take long to find over 200 waterfalls on my path home.

Being a loyal Michigander, I am spoiled buy my home states beautiful waterfalls in the U.P.

The Waterfalls in NC didn’t dissapoint and were easy to access and short hikes from the car.


Hooker Falls was my fist stop. The low flat rocks gave me the opportunity to use the multi angle center column on my Vanguard tri-pod.


I also decided to try out my Kirk BH-1 ball head on the sturdy carbon fiber legs. The Havana 33 messenger bag worked great for the short hikes to the falls.

My next stop on my way north was a Bridal Veil Falls, were the water literally cascades over the road.


I am now off to teach another photography workshop in The Smokey Mountains with my Vanguard tri-pods and Havana bag by my side.

Thank you for reading my blog and stay posted for more from the Smokies.





Vanguard at The Jefferson Memorial

One of my favorite locations to visit and reflect when visiting Washington DC is The Jefferson Memorial.


President Jefferson has always had some type of mysterious influence on my inner spirit and wandering soul.

veo at jefferson

When touring a city such as Washington DC I like to pack light and carry only my essentials for the day. The Vanguard Havana 33 messenger bag and VEO 265CB carbon fiber tri-pod  work wonderfully for my treks around town.

veo close up at the jefferson_HDR

The VEO 265CB supports my Fuji mirrorless effortlessly with plenty of flexibility for my creative eye.

I cant wait to re visit The Jefferson Memorial and the other Magnificent Monuments in DC this summer with my Vanguard gear and camera in hand.

Thank you for reading,


Vanguard Havana goes to Washington

Last week I packed up the car with my gear and headed to Washington DC for the annual Cherry Blossom Bloom.


The weather was wonderful and the colors were plentiful.

DSCF0053-2My Vanguard Tri-Pod and Havana messenger bag worked perfectly for strolling along The Tidal Basin and Cherry Trees. The small profile of the Havana and the light weight of the Vanguard Carbon fiber tri-pod made my walk easy and pleasant.


I cant wait to return to DC this summer to focus on the monuments and museums.

Thank you for reading.