This February I traveled to the west side of my home state of Michigan to capture images of frozen Lake Michigan and it’s numerous lighthouses.


With our unseasonably warm weather this year the lake was open water, but the lighthouse’s did have some ice on the pier. I decided what a great opportunity to try out my Vanguard ABEO PRO 283CT carbon fiber tripod.


I wanted to use the spiked feet feature on the slippery surface…and I have to say the ABEO PRO 283CT PRO preformed admirably.


After a couple cold hours of shooting my travel partner and I decided to drive North to the Sandy Beaches of Silver Lake Dunes and The Little Sable Lighthouse.


With strong wind gust and sand all around I figured this would be a great opportunity to try out the snow and sand attachments on my ABEO PRO 283CT.


And once again The ABEO PRO 283CT did not dissapoint.


The carbon fibre legs and adjustable center column worked wonders in the blowing wind and sand.

I want to thank Vanguard USA for all their support and excellent customer service.

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