Vanguard at The Detroit Auto Show / NAIAS

So another year and another NAIAS (The Detroit Auto show) has come and gone.


I live in Ann Arbor so I attended The Detroit Auto Show almost every year, and yes I bring a camera and a small group of photographers from my Meetup group’s,┬áMichigan Photo Adventures and National Photography Workshops.


This year I brought along my Vanguard Havana 38 messenger bag and my VEO 265CB carbon fiber tripod.


I figured this would be a great opportunity to show them in action and write a review.


I have been using the Havana 38 and the VEO 265CB for about six months now and I can say I have been very pleased with both.


I use the Havana as my every day messenger bag for my Fuji mirrorless setup. The bag holds my XT-1, X Pro-1, 10-24mm, 18-135, tablet and all of my other daily necessities.


The VEO 265CB is an amazing tri-pod for its size and weight. I have put every camera I own on that tri-pod and can say not once have I had an issue with it.


The size weight and portability make it a pleasure for when I’m on a photowalk, teaching a back country workshop or putting it under the seat when flying (yes it will fit under the seat with my Havana bag with no problems).


I am honored to be a Vanguard Professional and an Ambassador for there product line.

As my GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) fills my bags and empties my bank account I’m sure Vanguard will continue to make Bags, Tri-Pods and other accessories to fit my needs.

Thank you for reading and check out my Meetup sights and FB page for Photowalks, Meetups and Photography Workshops.