I will often talk about “eliminating distraction” when looking for my next image.

standing on a rock

As I find my perfect perch,I will survey the landscape in front of me scanning the horizon for any distractions.

I place the camera up to my eye,looking through the viewfinder for that perfect composition, I say to myself “are there any distractions”?

When all looks right I gently press the shutter capturing that moment in time.

I review my new found masterpiece and reflect on what I just created thinking did I “eliminate all the distractions”…not just in my image but in me?

I feel good about my latest capture and I gain a new found sense of serenity from the creative process I just went through.

Sometimes just standing on a rock and looking at your surroundings can be more than a new image but a new way of “eliminating distraction”.

thank you for reading








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