zen.tog.ra.phy: Finding Peace in Simplicity

I try to find objects that bring out a sense of peace and simplicity in my photographs.


When I find a subject that I want to capture,I will study my surroundings and the landscape,carefully looking at the details and shapes that move me at that moment.
I will look for the simple things that draw me to that particular spot or subject…the roots leading to the tree..the low lying fog in the background.. the softness in the air.
As I become intune with my surroundings… I start to feel a sense of peace,serenity and purpose.
That’s when I will press the shutter and capture that special moment.. knowing and most of all feeling it was the right time for capture.
Be part of the environment you want to photograph and share and you will find…
“Peace is in Simplicity”
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zen·tog·ra·phy: eliminating distraction

I will often talk about “eliminating distraction” when looking for my next image.

standing on a rock

As I find my perfect perch,I will survey the landscape in front of me scanning the horizon for any distractions.

I place the camera up to my eye,looking through the viewfinder for that perfect composition, I say to myself “are there any distractions”?

When all looks right I gently press the shutter capturing that moment in time.

I review my new found masterpiece and reflect on what I just created thinking did I “eliminate all the distractions”…not just in my image but in me?

I feel good about my latest capture and I gain a new found sense of serenity from the creative process I just went through.

Sometimes just standing on a rock and looking at your surroundings can be more than a new image but a new way of “eliminating distraction”.

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Home..is where you hang your Hat

Over the past few years I have been fortunate enough to travel and capture images in and around North America.


As I visit each new and exciting location I think to myself… “is this the place I want to hang my hat”?
I walk around taking in all the sights,sounds and smells,capturing the beauty of this new found land, and think…”is this the place I want to hang my hat”?
After filling my Camera with memories and moments. I return home to see my old familiar hat hanging on the rack.
I place my weathered and worn friend on my tired old head with that welcome and comforting feeling. Reminding me that “my home is where I hang my hat”.
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