I am writing this blog to talk about why I see what I see and what moves me to capture it.

Standing Tall in Grand Rapids,Fredrick Meijer Gardens.

I don’t always go out with the intention of shooting everything I see. Sometimes…. actually most times when I head out with my camera I have a “idea” of what I want to capture.What I don’t have is control of what will happen when I arrive to my location. be it the sun,clouds,weather or even people. What I do have control of is MY PERSONAL VISION.

water color trees copy
Zion Water Color

Often I like to walk off the beaten path or sit on a rock and “take it all in”. In doing this it puts me in the middle of my environment and at one with what I want to capture. Taking a Time Out with Nature and most of all MYSELF.

When I can have ZEN with nature I can create my masterpiece and share that magical “moment” with he viewer,

hence the word…


I will be posting weekly on this topic and other topics as well…stay tuned.

“don’t look at just the tree…Look at the forces that created it”

Well Weathered in Saint Joseph Michigan

thank you for reading



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