zen.tog.ra.phy / It took me 35 years to go in a circle

I was handed my first camera back in 1978 to photograph a baseball game for my H.S. newspaper. A brand new Canon AE-1. It was the coolest thing I had ever seen,chrome,lots of buttons,the sound of the shutter..yes I was hooked.

Vanguard Havana 38 VEO 265CB carbon fiber tripod and Fuji Xt-1
Vanguard Havana 38 VEO 265CB carbon fiber tripod and Fuji Xt-1

That was my junior year and I continued on through my senior year and on to the local small town newspaper.
I remember the late nights in the darkroom eagerly processing and printing the TRI-X and watching the magic develop before my eyes. I would rush the still wet prints to the papers editor/owner and chief dishwasher for layout to go into print for that weeks paper. He would look up at me with a grin and say..”another great image Tom, good work”,yes I new I was hooked for sure.
Well then came sports,music,cars…the camera faded away.
I moved on to the 9-5 life all the while missing that beautiful sound the shutter made and the magic it produced.
35 years later I find myself pushing that familiar shutter button with the same beautiful sound and seeing the magic that little black box produces,(yes its digital and its still magic).
Today I get to go on these wonderful adventures helping others on their path of seeing and experiencing the magic that little black box produces,and getting to say to them “good eye keep up the good work”.
Yes I’m still hooked and it only took 35 years to go in that circle.
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zen.tog.ra.phy / I see the light by the Sun on my Back

Often I have to wait for the sky’s to part and clouds to pass to get the light I am hoping for.


When I feel the Sun on my back as I study my subject, I know the light is right.
Being aware and “present” in your environment allows you to see and Feel the image and share that moment in time.
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I am an Artist my medium is my Camera

So I often get asked what I do for a living?
Often I reply “I’m an Artist”…
When I meet someone that replies to that same question ” I am an Artist ” I ask what medium?
They respond with answers such as..
Oil,Watercolor, Mixed Media, Fabric..
When I say my medium is a Camera,they reply, “oh you mean your a photographer”.
Just because your medium is a Camera that doesn’t mean your not an Artist.
I see with my eyes,I feel the emotion of the subject I am capturing,and most of all I put my heart and soul into my images..sometimes some blood sweat and tears as well.
I think that makes me an Artist.
So next time someone ask you what you do…

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Tom / Artist.

zen·tog·ra·phy: Don’t just look at the Tree…Look at the forces that created it…

I am writing this blog to talk about why I see what I see and what moves me to capture it.

Standing Tall in Grand Rapids,Fredrick Meijer Gardens.

I don’t always go out with the intention of shooting everything I see. Sometimes…. actually most times when I head out with my camera I have a “idea” of what I want to capture.What I don’t have is control of what will happen when I arrive to my location. be it the sun,clouds,weather or even people. What I do have control of is MY PERSONAL VISION.

water color trees copy
Zion Water Color

Often I like to walk off the beaten path or sit on a rock and “take it all in”. In doing this it puts me in the middle of my environment and at one with what I want to capture. Taking a Time Out with Nature and most of all MYSELF.

When I can have ZEN with nature I can create my masterpiece and share that magical “moment” with he viewer,

hence the word…


I will be posting weekly on this topic and other topics as well…stay tuned.

“don’t look at just the tree…Look at the forces that created it”

Well Weathered in Saint Joseph Michigan

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